Schools & campuses

Created in 2000, CinéCréatis opens the doors of the film industry to all image enthusiasts. It offers a 3-year training course for Audiovisual Directors-Creators, which leads to a level 6 RNCP qualification (equivalent to Bac +3). The school thus prepares students for the professions of assistant director, camera operator, film editor and special effects supervisor.

To enable its students to achieve their career goals, the school relies first and foremost on a team of experienced teachers and film professionals. It also provides them with equipment in line with the professional world and modern, high-performance study frameworks.

Filming equipment

It is through the use of top-of-the-range technical equipment that CinéCréatis seeks to help its students succeed in their journey into the world of cinema.

Networked computer rooms, editing units, filming studio with sets, inlay studio, sound studio: enough to familiarise students with the various tools related to the audiovisual professions!


Equipped with complete filming equipment for shooting, sound recording, accessories, HMI tools and projectors, tungsten (fluorescent or LED), as well as machinery (dolly, steadycam, crane), the filming units offered within the school guarantee students easy access to all the means necessary for the various productions and exercises to be carried out during the year.

The school notably provides the following equipment:
– Black Magic URSA mini 4k cameras, Sony SF5, Panasonic GH4, etc.
– the Samyang T:1.5 objectives
– the machinery DJI Ronin MX
– Sound Devices MixPre-3 and Zoom F8 sound recorders
– Sennheiser ME64 and Sanken COS11-D microphones

This way, students are immersed in optimal learning conditions and are able to practise their future profession on a daily basis.


At CinéCréatis, the teaching teams are committed to giving students the opportunity to practice and immerse themselves in the film industry, so that they are familiar with the different tools and technologies once they enter the job market.

Video equipment

CinéCréatis offers equipment to provide support to its students at all stages of post-production through various multimedia rooms accessible within the school.


With the aim of training its students in production, post-production and special effects, CinéCréatis relies on regularly updated computer technology. Equipped with about thirty computers, the 4 networked multimedia rooms available in each school provide access to the most recent professional software used by the various production departments.

An optimal way to master the stages of video editing, the creation of still and animated images in 2D and 3D, special effects and DVD authoring.


The computer equipment made available within the school will allow students to upgrade their level in production, post-production & special effects, even before specialising in one of these fields during their 3rd year of study.

Our Campuses

Pleasant campuses

Whatever the campus, CinéCréatis provides all the necessary means to enable each student to work in a studious, friendly and creative atmosphere.

To this end, its three campuses are supplied with top-of-the-range equipment: film set, large work areas, editing room, sound recording studio, etc.


A strategic location

Located all over France, the Artemisia residences are a new way of housing for students. All of the student residences are located in the immediate surroundings of each city’s university campuses, and offer top-of-the-range student accommodation. Students benefit from services in line with their needs while enjoying flats designed to offer them the greatest possible comfort.
Far from the image of tiny flats with rudimentary comfort, the Artemisia studios have been designed using the best materials. All the furniture has been selected for its quality, resistance and aesthetics.