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  • thème Documentary
  • formation 2nd year
  • année Promotion 2019
  • durée 5:43 min


Dis visible is a documentary that presents the views of 4 men, each of whom has approached the streets of Lyon in a singular way. Constantin, an atypical sculptor from the 7th Arrondissement and former homeless, tells the story of his journey from his apartment in the Refuge Social. Marin, a former boxer, copes with his day-to-day life in his car in Perrache. Fabrice recreates his home on the Quais de Saône from everyday items, while Martial, a lover of painting and human contact, sleeps every night under the sky in the Croix-Rousse neighborhood. These four men, rich in heart and mind, with very different ideas and ways of life, tell us about their past and their daily life in the street. Of different ages and backgrounds, each one shares his experiences and feelings. Four profiles which invite us to understand them, offering us the opportunity to enter their worlds.

Directed by Theodore Schlumberger