Film & audiovisual
training in 3 years

in Lyon, Montpellier and Nantes

Since its creation in 2000, the film school CinéCréatis has been offering high school graduates the opportunity to train as audiovisual directors and creators. In 3 years, this course aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to evolve professionally in the world of cinema and the audiovisual industry.

This course, which concludes with an Audiovisual Director / Creator (Order of April 5th 2012 published in the Official Journal of April 14th 2012) Level 6 RNCP title (equivalent to Bac+3) is aimed at students holding the Baccalaureate, who are sensitive to the audiovisual world and wish to develop their artistic and technical skills.

It enables them to master the different stages of the conception of an audiovisual work, from scriptwriting to video and audio shooting and editing techniques, as well as sound and production issues.

1st year Focusing on general, technical and professional education, the CinéCréatis school immerses students in the cinema professions from the 1st year!

2nd year Placing technique and professional practice at the heart of its training, CinéCréatis envisages the 2nd year as a complete immersion in the world of cinema.

3rd year As a real lever to deepen your knowledge of advanced technologies and validate your professional project, the third year is the open door to all sectors of the film industry. It is the last step in the acquisition of the “Audiovisual Director-Creator” qualification (RNCP II).

All you need to know about this training in cinema

Focused on the professionalization of its students and with their professional integration as an absolute priority, CinéCréatis offers an audiovisual training programme centred on technical and technological aspects, artistic practice and the discovery of the professional reality. At the end of the course, the student is qualified and ready for a career in cinema.

Discover all the contours of this audiovisual Director-Creator training course which leads to a level II RCNP title (equivalent to Bac+3).

Enriched each year by the experience of the school and its educational teams, the Audiovisual Director-Creator training offered at CinéCréatis has constantly evolved in contact with professionals in the industry. Indeed, this ongoing relationship with the world of cinema and artistic creation is a priority that the school has always set itself. By offering its students technological equipment, and professional tools for film production, CinéCréatis is in keeping with this commitment to enable its students to evolve in professional conditions.


A training that perfectly links practice and theory

At CinéCréatis, practice and theory have found fantastic harmony. It is around these two aspects that the training has been designed, in order to offer a complete, realistic and professional teaching to its students. With this in mind, the environment has adjusted accordingly, and has never ceased to evolve: the building that has been welcoming students since the beginning of the 2013 academic year is the perfect expression of it. High quality technological equipment, filming studios, editing units, inlay studio, sound studio, amphitheatre… Everything has been thought out and developed with a view to enabling students to train under the best conditions, on tools comparable to those they will find once they enter the job market.

Each student is in daily contact with this reality, enhanced by the various activities organised throughout the year (masterclasses, conferences, internships, etc.). This contact with professional reality is both a wonderful opportunity for students to receive advice and recommendations from some of the big names in the film industry, but also to assimilate the outlines of the professional environment that they will integrate at the end of their audiovisual training.

Educational Purposes

Throughout the course, the school’s educational department closely monitors the progress of its students and ensures that they acquire the skills required to move on to the next level. The educational objectives it defines, which all strive towards a mastery of a wide range of artistic and technical subjects, continue to evolve from one year to the next, culminating in the final year in a specialisation for the student, according to his / her interests and career prospects.


During their first year of study at CinéCréatis, students will be led to discover the audiovisual world, and more specifically the different professions in the film industry. This year’s objective is to enable students to familiarise themselves with all the steps involved in creating a film, from scriptwriting to editing, including filming and sound recording. They will thus be able to acquire all the subtleties of each profession, understand its missions, develop their own skills, and begin to identify the areas in which they can subsequently focus. This first year is a fundamental stage in the acquisition of the fundamental skills that will serve as a basis for the rest of the course.



In the 2nd year, the practice is even more advanced, the technique even more precise, and the expectations of the teaching staff even stronger. As a film school, CinéCréatis makes it a point of honour to push its students to raise their level a little more, in order to achieve a mastery of their subject and a flawless professional practice. These are assets that they will be able to rely on once they enter the job market. Thus, during this second year, the student will practice intensively the different professional formats, and deepen his technical skills, both on traditional and digital media. A first internship in a company, from 6 to 8 weeks, will complete this year. This will be a concrete experience which will give the student the opportunity to put into practice the skills acquired and to experience the professional audiovisual sector. These various elements will enable students to specify their choice of specialisation for the third year and to choose a course more specifically in line with their professional aspirations.



The audiovisual training offered by CinéCréatis concludes with a third year of specialisation. During this last stage of the Audiovisual Director-Creator programme, students can choose between a specialisation in Production, Image or Post-production. Each of these 3 areas of expertise covers very different aspects, which the student can focus on in detail, in order to discover all the subtleties and master all the components.

In Production, students will be able to focus on the technical, artistic and practical aspects that precede a film making, among which directing, production and directing assistantship, directing actors, or the economy of the audiovisual industry (developing economic models, budget research, etc.). The Image specialisation focuses more on mastering professional cameras, lighting, machinery, digital technologies and sensitometry. Finally, in Post-production, students will study in greater depth the issues of editing, digital special effects, calibration and mixing.

Career opportunities & professions

This third year is also marked by the creation of an end-of-study short film, which will be an opportunity for students to put into practice all the skills they have acquired during their studies. In groups, each student will demonstrate their mastery in their chosen field, without leaving aside the other aspects studied during their training at CinéCréatis. This experience, in addition to the 13-week internship also planned during this final year of study, will ensure the student an optimal transition to the job market.

Career opportunities & professions

At the end of their 3 years of study, graduates receive an Audiovisual Director-Creation RNCP title (level II), equivalent to a Bac+3. They can thus enter the job market and aspire to careers in the audiovisual industry, positions as assistant director, production assistant, stage manager, lighting and executive operator, scriptwriter or even cinematographer, editor…

Admission requirements

Students who are interested in joining CinéCréatis and begin film studies must meet some eligibility criteria. First of all, they must hold a Baccalauréat (all streams). Candidates are then selected on the basis of their academic record and a motivational interview with members of the school’s educational department.

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