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Albert Dupontel at CinéCréatis

  • thème Rencontres
  • date 09.04.2008

Successful director Albert Dupontel talks to Jean-Marc Vigouroux about his first experiences on set.

While he has no shortage of inventiveness when it comes to directing colourful characters, he readily admits to a lack of technique: “I had a solid film culture, but not necessarily a stage culture.

I could see camera movements, but I had no idea how to use them

Albert Dupontel is passionate about his work, but over the years he has made up for this shortcoming. His secret: “surround myself well, ask a lot of questions of professionals” And to be stubborn, to the point of transcribing a world that suits him.

“Le Créateur was supposed to take eight weeks to edit, but it took us nine months to finish. I did everything over and over again, deleting characters, turning scenes upside down and putting other protagonists back in.

Driven by a desire to express himself, a love of writing and a desire to add an extra emotional dimension through images, Albert Dupontel concludes the interview with a statement that is as simple as it is powerful, in the image of his characters: “Making films helps me live That says it all!

Bernie (1996)

Directed by Albert Dupontel
Actors : Albert Dupontel / Roland Blanche / Roland Bertin

2 days to kill (2008)

Directed by: Jean Becker
Actors: Albert Dupontel / Pierre Vaneck / Marie Josée Croze Albert Dupontel / Pierre Vaneck / Marie Josée Croze

9 mois ferme (2013)

Directed by: Albert Dupontel
Actors: Albert Dupontel / Sandrine Kiberlain / Nicolas Marié Albert Dupontel / Sandrine Kiberlain / Nicolas Marié