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Packshot workshop - Caméra ARRI - Amira

  • thème School News
  • date 17.12.2020

2nd year students at CinéCréatis Lyon took part to a workshop/practical exercise on frame and lighting using ARRI equipment.

In every discipline, you need to handle equipment to perfect your knowledge of it especially at the start of the year.

Mastering the basic of a shoot and the precise settings of a professional camera is the core of the students learnings during their audio-visual director course as intended by CinéCréatis.

Caméra arri esma lyon

Portrait and Packshot

Hence our 2nd year students at CinéCréatis Lyon had the chance to partake in an exercise/practical workshop for two hours using ARRI branded equipment (see the post).

A very technically interesting session highlighting frame and light for portrait and packshot, with the underlying goal to develop image aesthetics.


ARRI a trademark brand

The students used ARRI cameras, notably Amira a multipurpose camera, later version of the famed Alexa.

With over 100 years of existence, the German firm ARRI is a leader on the design and production of cameras and lighting systems market for the cinema and audio-visual industry. Its network is worldwide.

ARRI equipment was used for films and series like Game of Thrones, Avengers, Sink or Swim, Les Misérables, Blade Runner, The Bureau, Black Panther, Handmaid’s Tale, Les Tuche 3, Big Little Lies, Chernobyl…

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