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  • thème School News
  • date 10.12.2020

Nantes Creative Schools – Talk “the art of efficiency and no stress”: Hélène Weber helped students identify areas where they can improve their organisational skills.

“Working efficiently with no stress” was the theme of the online conference given last November on Zoom, health and safety oblige, by Hélène Weber, psychologist, sociologist, and teacher. This talk was successful with around 50 people signing up and attending.

Concerned with our students’ well-being and wishing to help in their studies, the schools CinéCréatis and ESMA have planned a series of talks through the academic year 2021-2022 to give them the keys to success. These will focus on students’ issues (well-being, health, social media use, etc.)

Everyone is aware the transition from secondary school to student life creates a change in status and work habits which can be tricky sometimes. So, how do you handle stress and optimise your study routine in a new environment?

Hélène Weber, sociologist and teacher, specialises in these notions. She triggered a reflection process on these core questions while offering several practical courses of action.

Fitting your work methods to the requirements of higher education was the leitmotiv for this evening where the speaker managed to captivate her audience and interact with them through interactive and fun tools (polls, word-clouds, etc…)

First, Hélène Weber listed the difficulties often hindering University students: last minute emergency work, difficulty to memorise, hard to make the best of revising, need for one-to-one support in some lessons, lack of attention during classes, time consuming lack of organisation leading to anxiety and stress.

Every student has more or less encountered these signs of problems to come.

Hélène Weber therefore offered several pointers to enable students to learn, get organised and motivated to the best of their abilities. The main goal is to help them achieve the requirements of higher education “through innovative and highly efficient work methods allowing to boost understanding, memorizing and thinking abilities in an astonishing way.

She suggested during this evening a method, program in four points:

  • Focus attention and concentrate,
  • Define goals translatable into actions,
  • Prioritise to focus on the essential,
  • Gain a larger picture of all assignments and plan tasks.

De facto, she answered in a broad spectrum as well as on daily struggles for students, pleased with this encounter full of helpful teachings.

More talks to come:

  • Login: e-reputation and internet use
  • Autonomy and first steps in the adult life
  • Self-esteem

Nota bene: These talks take place in the evening, registration only.