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Gérard Jugnot, Alain Berbérian & Alice Taglioni

  • thème Let's meet
  • date 22.12.2023

In the company of Alice Taglioni, Alain Berbérian and Gérard Jugnot, CinéCréatis teacher Jean-Marc Vigouroux looks back at the film “L’Ile aux trésors”, whose chaotic journey the 3 artists tell us about.

Inspired by Stevenson’s novel, the adaptation of L’Ile aux trésors (Treasure Island) is a major project, spearheaded by independent producer Jean-Pierre Ramsay-Levi.

Meet 3 of the great names of French cinema: an interview hosted by Jean-Marc Vigouroux, scriptwriting and humanities teacher at CinéCréatis…

Alain Berbérian: director and screenwriter

“He persisted for five years in making it exist at all costs, even if it meant offering it to television channels…” says Berbérian. It’s a determination that commands admiration in the face of Hollywood giants.

Aside from the production constraints, Berbérian points out an additional hurdle: taking on someone else’s words,“accepting to direct a film that you didn’t write is always a particular challenge“.

Gérard Jugnot: scriptwriter and producer

Gérard Jugnot adds:“In my opinion, the subjects we tackle are more intense than is usually the case in comedies

Alice Taglioni: French actress

On the set, Alice Taglioni is proud of this production, which responds to her main preoccupation:“My only rule is to keep learning, project after project”.

Here, she is contributing to an original staging, while learning to“reduce her output“. It’s a gamble that paid off! To conclude, the trio agree on one point, and not the least:“Whatever happens, all I’ll take away from this shoot is the pleasure! “.

Treasure Island (2007)

  • Directed by: Alain Berbérian
  • Actors: Gérard Jugnot / Alice Taglioni / Jean Paul Rouve Gérard Jugnot / Alice Taglioni / Jean Paul Rouve

Sous les jupes des filles (2014)

  • Directed by: Audrey Dana
  • Actors : Alice Taglioni / Isabelle Adjani / Laëtitia Casta

The choristers (2003)

  • Directed by: Christophe Barratier
  • Actors: Gérard Jugnot / François Berléand / Jacques Perrin Gérard Jugnot / François Berléand / Jacques Perrin