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  • thème Rencontres
  • date 05.04.2020

This workshop was dedicated to natural makeup meant to enhance the expressivity of actors’ faces. Also a chance to discover make up techniques which can mimic and create dramatic effects.

A glowing track record

Christelle Lays is passionate. Former saleswoman for a famous cosmetic brand, this young makeup artist stood out through creativity and talent. Soon she was noticed by the fashion industry and her work for models on the fashion week catwalks celebrated.

She practices her art with devotion in several fields. Soon enough, thanks to her television appearances, she does make up for models on magazine covers and celebrities in the music and cinema industry.

Love to share

Close to the public, she organises thematic workshop for them. Christelle Lays has a YouTube channel where she shares her tricks. Today, she comes to meet the students of CinéCréatis to pass on her knowledge. Familiar with the set studios, Christelle Lays leads a workshop to teach the students how to create realistic makeup and special effects.

During this workshop, she will teach them how to create natural makeup to help actors convey to the spectators the emotions which make a great film. Joy, agitation, depression, or exaltation come to life on the face. Christelle Lays shows students how to mimic the key characteristics through her skilful makeup techniques and a precise choice in cosmetics.

Rencontre Maquilleuse 00

Practical exercise of the techniques

Beautiful wounds

Makeup artist on the set for Selim’c horror music video “The talking Dead”, Christelle Lays, trained at the Makeup For ever Academy in Belgium, shares with the students her knowledge of FX makeup she learned from famous professionals in Hollywood. Clever and creative, she reveals her secrets to create scars, burns, contusions, tears, or bruises.

She also shares her tricks to create wounds on the cheap and stay within a tight production budget!

Rencontre Maquilleuse 01

Tricks to create wounds are quickly put to practice.

Christelle Lays will also support and advise the CinéCréatis students during the shoot of their final year film.

To learn more about Christelle Lays and enjoy her tutorials go to http://www.christellelays.com and her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ChristelleLaysMakeUp

When I do make up, I am not working, I just exist.” Christelle Lays