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Selections at festivals 2020

  • thème School News
  • date 23.06.2020

This year (just like every other one) and despite COVID-19, several of final year CinéCréatis students’ films, documentaries and portfolios were nominated in festivals all over the world.

Let’s have a look…

Greece, Spain, Italy, France: This year once more, the fame of CinéCréatis short films crosses borders!

Discover the nominations at festivals:


Athens International Children’s Film Festival

Athens Films Festival

Athens Films Festival

Another nomination for Moustaco at the Athens International Children’s Film Festival!
The 3rd Athens International Children’s Film Festival will take place at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall and the Danaos Cinema from 18th to 22nd November 2020.

The Athens International Children’s Film Festival supports and promotes the production of creative films for children, teenagers, and their families across the world.

The festival promises entertainment and emotion for the young audience, with a program of rich, interesting, and amusing projections.

It takes place every year over 3 days when families are invited to explore the world without leaving Athens.

The winning films will be chosen by children and their family after a daily poll:

  • Audience Award for Best short film
  • Audience Award for Best Feature film
  • Award for Best film in the School Program

Good luck to MOUSTACO!

Animakom Festival

Animakom Festival

Animakom Festival

Superbot was nominated for the Animakom Festival meant to take place in Bilbao from 28th march to 5th April 2020. New dates to be announced shortly. Update 30/06: the film will be shown on Tuesday 7th July at 19:00.

Animakom is an international animation festival with live projections and awards. It will be its 3rd edition. A unique international panel suggested by Animakom’s artistic director will be picked to assess the two competitions.

The awards in the plans for the two competitions are as follow:

Official competition:

  • GRAND PRIX for short film

Student competition:

  • Best Student short film

Good luck to Superbot by Pierre-André Fontaine, Rémy Leroy and Emmanuel Pierrat!

Festival Ojo de Pescado

Festival Ojo Pescado

Festival Ojo Pescado

Moustaco was nominated to compete in the “professional short film” category for the 9th edition of the children’s festival Ojo de Pescado IFF, in Chile with online viewings from 29th August to 6th September.

Ojo de Pescado is a non-profit organisation mainly set to produce every year the Ojo de Pescado international festival for children and young people.

It offers audio-visual creative workshops in education places all over Chile, and training courses for students, educators and professionals in cinema, arts, humanities and social sciences. Ojo de Pescado is a platform to explore and act. Through film projections and promoting audio-visual creativity, it aims to support the enforcement of children and young people’s right to a wholesome education, communication, and expression of their opinions.

In short, Ojo de Pescado international annual festival is a chance to:

  • Show cinematographic opuses selected especially for a young audience based on their age and their circumstances,
  • Encourage the making of short films for children and young people,
  • Create activities and equipment for cultural mediation, cinema workshops for children, young people and education professionals all over Chile.

Cine En Las Montanas Festival

Palma de Cera del Quindío 2020 – Festival International du film dans les montagnes

Logo Blanco Palma de Cera del Quindío 2020 – Cine en Las Montanas Festival

The short film Moustaco was nominated as part of the official selection of Palma de Cera del Quindio 2020 – Film in the Mountains international festival in the category international fiction.

The festival will take place from 7th to 13th September 2020 in person (in accordance with the local health and safety protocols) and online via an official platform.

The foundation for “Film in the Mountains International Festival” aims to strengthen the audio-visual culture in the Quindio district and the Colombian territory, favouring landscape and nature, focusing on biodiversity and conservation.

With the continuing dedication they showed for the past 6 years of festival, the foundation endeavours to reinvent the festival every day and uses cinema to reach out every Colombian mountain top.

The foundation keeps growing to provide inspiration for our dreams through culture, cinema and landscapes.

BCT- Film and Television National Festival

BCT - Festival National du Film et de la Télévision

Two short films have been selected here: Superbot and Moustaco for the next edition of BCT – Film and Television National Festival in Bénévent, live from 28th July to 2nd August (Dates TBC)

The Film and Television National Festival is the first and only event in Italy to combine the world of cinema and television in the same event, through film premières, tv series previews, reunions, projections, competitions, masterclasses, shows, concerts, interviews and roundtables open to the public and spectators.

This unique event on the national territory, manages to combine the various forms of communication through stakeholders of the Italian and international cinema and television. Since 2018, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – Cinema Department acknowledged the worth of the Festival in terms of media and communication as well as organisation. It was listed among the top 10 Cinema Festival on Italian soil.

From 2017 to 2019, the Festival has logged an attendance of over 300, 000 people in 3 years.

Giffoni Film Festival

Giffoni Film Festival

Giffoni Film Festival

In Italy still the shorts Superbot and Moustaco were selected to be shown at the Giffoni Film Festival from 16th to 25th July 2020 (Dates TBC).

Giffoni Experience is a creative and organisational structure with many aspects including the Festival, dozens of activities taking place all year long and new innovative projects.

Giffoni Experience is therefore not just a cinema festival but also a unique culture and entertainment organisation, unlike any other cultural event in Italy or abroad. Its uniqueness comes from the idea of evolving and the constant need for innovation.

Upgreen.tv : Green Documentary Day

Upgreen Tv Blanc

The documentary “Un Brin d’existence” directed by Klara Johansson (CinéCréatis Nantes student) was selected by Upgreen TV for their Green Documentary Day which took place on June 20th (read our article on this).