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Alexis Mallard

On his business card, Alexis Mallard writes cinema in golden letters. He confides to us : “No advertising, no television”. Alexis intensely campaigns in favor of cinema. And it turned out well for him! On his CV, the productions follow one after the other.

  • métier Chef Monteur
  • promotion 2011

“Des gens qui s’embrassent”, “Sous les jupes des filles”, “Blood Ties” by Guillaume Canet, “Grâce de Monaco”, “Deux”, “21 nuits avec Pattie”. Over the months, the young assistant editor has built up a filmography that his classmates would probably envy.

Exclusive, passionate, committed, Alexis Mallard collaborates with renowned production companies. Gaumont, Production du Trésor, Pathé, Stone Angels. Solid references, on which he has focused since his early years of studies.

His advice: confront the reality of the sets, ask questions, meet people. A strategy that seems to be successful considering the references who entrust him with the editing of their precious images.