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Yann Cavalier

Freshly graduated, Yann Cavalier stands out from his classmates with his spirit of initiative and his universe influenced by urban culture. As proof, the young man teamed up with a former classmate and founded the Beards collective as soon as he left school.

  • métier Animation / Motion Design
  • promotion 2013

Graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer…

Yann Cavalier wears many different hats, in an artistic universe that he arranges according to his desires. At the end of school, he overflows with ideas and energy, and creates with Jason Sorin (also former student of Cinécréatis) the motion design collective “Beards” (https://beards.fr/).

Focusing on motion design and animation, this collective develops its projects and those of its clients on the web. Agencies, companies, audiovisual productions call upon the group’s creativity to add a touch of magic to their advertising.

With a different style, a strong universe and a passion for homemade products, Yann Cavalier and his sidekick Jason Sorin, also from CinéCréatis, go through all the creative stages: from writing to directing, they leave their touch and their sense of humor.

A thirst for projects

Passionate about art and encounters, Yann is also involved in other projects, including the creation of La Kahüte in Nantes, a coworking center dedicated to graphic designers, illustrators and animators, as well as the creation of a comic book magazine “Turbo Time Travel“, on which he works with other illustrators.

After graduating from Cinécréatis with a “solid technical background and many professional connections”, the young man seemed well equipped to take his place among talented creatives.

His advice to those currently in the course of their studies?

“Meetings and co-creation with other students is very important: it must be developed and used to the maximum during the studies.”

Long life!