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Camille Chandelier

Immersed in the world of cinema since 2008 when she began her career as a production manager at Capricci, Camille Chandelier is a woman of convictions. From contributions to selections, Camille has worked as an Executive Producer, then as a Production Director, still at Capricci. 3 years working on – sometimes award-winning – feature films!

  • métier Productrice
  • promotion 2011

n 2011, the young girl from Nantes decides to continue the adventure on her own, or almost. La Petite Prod was born. Projects for cinema, television and internet, the main thing being that the screenplay is driven by the ” asserted vision ” of its author.

In her filmography, the titles ringing like moments of escape. “Vacations”, “The Address”, “The Silent Objects”, “Itinérance”, “Bleu Route”. Almost poetic. With images. We wish her a long journey.





Audiovisual Director-Creator


Les mouvements du bassin
Litige (sitcom)
Le temps des graces