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Directed by Mathis Biyiha and Lucas Bourson Lasting 3 minutes and 38 seconds, BellaDonna is a short fiction film about a 23-year-old woman who daily trades her body for money…

  • thème Fiction
  • formation 2nd year
  • année Promotion 2022
  • durée 3:38 min


Trapped in a vicious circle, torn by a psychological dilemma, a 23-year-old woman daily trades her body for money.

Confined in her routine that she seems unable to break, her activities begin to repeat themselves, exhausting her to the point of gradually destroying her.


Poster of the movie Belladonna




Lila Messiliti, Johany Genand, Ludovic Moktary and Hervé Hartmann

Shooting team

Directed by Mathis Biyiha and Lucas Bourson.

  • Director of photography & cameraman: Mathis Biyiha
  • Chief electrician : Juliette Maignan
  • Chief stagehand: Theodore Schlumberger
  • Sound operator : Fabian Nagy
  • Post-production : Lucas Bourson