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In the way of… 2020

  • thème School News
  • date 26.05.2020

“In the way of…” is a classic exercise for every 2nd year student where they can apply their theoretical learnings from seminars to the realisation of a clip sticking as closely as possible to a reference film or tv series.

In the way of…

“In the way of…” is one of many production exercises offered at the school to train future technicians.

The point is to select a clip from a short or feature fiction film, recreate is as faithfully as possible with the means supplied by the school.

For each excerpt, there are high stakes on the set, image, actors’ directing and the question of shooting the original version or the French adaptation.

For this purpose, the school provides the students with the necessary equipment, the shoot is done in the studio and the editing in the booths available inside the school.

CinéCréatis Lyon

The 2nd year students from CinéCréatis Lyon chose clips from “Old Boy”, South Korean film by Park Chan-Book, “Requiem for a Dream” by Darren Aronofsky, Damien Chazelle’s drama on the Music world, Whiplash, and finally an incursion into fantasy with Juan Antonio Bayona’s A Monster’s call.

Almd Weplash 01

Set photograph ITWO Whiplash


The Nantes students selected: Silence of the lambs, Jonathan Demme’s thriller, The Reader by Stephen Daldry, Dark, Pinky Blinders the British tv series created by Steven Knight.

Read Ugo Estublier’s interview, who directed “In the manner of… Silence of the lambs”.

Almd Silenceagneaux 02

Set photograph ITWO Silence of the lambs

See the time-lapse produced by the CinéCréatis Lyon 2nd year students when building the set for the OldBoy clip chosen for their “In the way of…” exercise.