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Amandine Jarnoux

Since she graduated from CinéCréatis, Amandine Jarnoux has discovered the Old Continent with Europ’raid, the first cultural, humanitarian and sporting adventure raid of 10,000 kilometers across 20 countries in 23 days, in which she collaborated as a trainee director. After a stint at “Grand Angle” in Mérignac as a production intern, she founded the audiovisual company “Nwes Productions” in Bordeaux in February 2018 with Jérôme Juste.

  • métier Réalisatrice / Pilote De Drone / Web Consultant
  • promotion 2017

The passion every day

After leaving CinéCréatis in 2017, Amandine began working as a production assistant on documentaries for Arte. Quite quickly, she wanted to broaden her field of action, and started working as a freelancer, especially to “rediscover the pleasure of directing”. Associated with the photographer Jérôme Jusse, she creates her own audiovisual company, “Nwes Production“.

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Passionate about travel, she specializes in the production of destination films, working for travel agencies, tourism professionals or institutional organizations (Le Routard, Copains de Voyages, Europ’Raid, Bègles City Hall, Lacanau City Hall…).

In 2018, she trains in drone piloting, bringing a new string to her bow. Her philosophy?

“I’m the kind of person who is interested in everything. In fact, if I had one piece of advice to give students, it would be to take whatever there is to take, even if it’s a little out of their field. It will only bring them something positive!”

In terms of projects, she will soon be reaching out to new countries, notably Spain, Prague, Cuba and Thailand. To be continued, then!

A delicate subject treated with humor

During her studies at the school in Nantes, Amandine had teamed up with Mélanie Dupuis-Roy on the film “Coeur de Chou”. Treating Alzheimer’s disease with tact and delicacy, not without a touch of humor, was the challenge of the film they directed in 2017.

Mélanie wanted to play down Alzheimer’s disease through an amusing and touching comedy“, says Amandine Jarnoux, production manager on this film, shot over seven days in the region of Nantes.

Amandine particularly appreciated this graduation film shoot and experienced it as a kind of culmination after three years spent at CinéCréatis for her Audiovisual Designer-Creator course.

It is certainly the most formative experience we could have had,” says the former student, who is also passionate about acrobatic gymnastics. It was the final stage after 3 years of apprenticeship, the moment when everything came together.

The team is working together towards the same goal: making the best film possible while training for the job of our dream. It’s a great way to finish your studies: a practical project that allows us to better understand the job that awaits us when we graduate.

Coeur De Chou

Icing on the cake, “the film was very well received. The professionals were kind. They were very curious to find out what we had to offer and say. We won the “Best stage direction award” and the “CinéCréatis Favourite Award” during the Grand Prix 2017.


Get carried away by the story of “Michèle, a sparkling septuagenarian, who gets her beautiful cabbage stolen by the elegant starred chef Hubert Mercier. An encounter she won’t soon forget.” Neither will you!