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Damien Masson

Currently lighting technician at RVZ, Damien joined CinéCréatis with the project of becoming an assistant director. Focus on his somewhat unexpected career path!

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A passion for image

Damien Masson Technicien LumiereDamien Masson

When he joined CinéCréatis in 2013, Damien had one project in mind: to become an assistant director.

However, it is over the years and as he discovers the film industry that his true vocation becomes clear to him, that of the image. So it is in the technical field, and in particular in lighting, that Damien decided to evolve.


Two days after graduation, I was hired at Panavision Panalux France, in the lighting department. I was very motivated at the idea of being able to improve my technical skills in a renowned equipment rental company with experienced technicians.”

A first experience that will last 3 years, during which he will do a series of assemblies / disassemblies on shootings. “I learned a lot during this time, and notably to master and use the whole range of projector lights available on the market. It was also there that I learned how to make the electrical connections you have to be able to make for large productions. In short, it’s really an experience that made me stand out“.

Death in Paradise (BBC)Death in Paradise (BBC)

At Panalux, he worked on an advertisement for Cartier, “a real slap in the face in terms of lighting and set design“, as well as for the series “Death in Paradise” (BBC series), “a striking experience for the shooting conditions and the ambition of the production project“.

In 2019, he joins the lighting department of the company RVZ, which covers a huge part of the advertising productions in Paris. “It’s a new challenge, especially because of the great projects we are entrusted with.

Back to CinéCréatis

Studio de tournage MontpellierCinéCréatis, campus of Montpellier

In terms of projects, he is slowly returning to screenwriting. “Ideas flourish in my head and I feel even more attracted to writing than I ever have. But to be very honest, the screen will always remain my first love!

He will also soon find his way back to CinéCréatis, but this time within the Montpellier Creative Campus, and as a teacher.

I am very much looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with the future students. It is a very exciting project in new facilities which will provide a studio and equipment equivalent to what a professional studio would offer“. The circle is complete.

What would be your advice for the students currently at CinéCréatis?

First of all, I would say that they should make the most of these three years of study. Time flies, and quickly you will be far away from CineCréatis, into the professional world. And really, for having been a student at CineCréatis Nantes, I sometimes feel nostalgic for my years there.

It’s hard to explain but I find it an incredible opportunity to be surrounded by people who share the same passion as you and with whom you will be able to produce audiovisual projects throughout your studies. There is a unique atmosphere that it is important to fully appreciate and that creates truly unforgettable memories.

Another important piece of advice. Even if you came to CinéCréatis with a precise idea of the job that you are interested in, you should forget this idea and discover by yourself all the professions involved in filming, before the specialization in the second year.

It’s only through practice and discovering all the professions accessible that you’ll really discover what you’re really made for.

I came to Nantes with the idea of becoming an assistant director and I left the school with a particular interest in images and especially light-related jobs.

Every position is important in the production and realization of a project, from sound technicians, stage managers, set designers to the highest positions in the end credits. From my point of view, there really has to be unity on a shoot, that everyone understands the importance of each person’s role so that the work at stake is the most complete.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s good to always improve your technical skills, whether it’s at school or in the professional world afterwards. We must always learn and not rest on our laurels in order to master the tools at our disposal.

Give yourself to the fullest to carry out each project during your three years of study (both photo and video assignements). Don’t leave any room for regrets.

Finally, when I watch a making-of of a film that I really enjoy, I always realize one thing: the team always give their heart and soul so that every detail of the film is the most representative of their visions. Everything is in your hands and your will, individually and as a team“.