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Jacques Pinault

Jacques Pinault completed his studies and graduated in 2016 with a major in Image. He then worked as an intern in the audiovisual production company TLMALP (“Tout Le Monde Aime Les Pingouins”) in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. He was then hired in the same company as a full-time cameraman-editor, where he worked as an electrician, scene shifter, cameraman, chief operator, editor, calibrator and director.

  • métier Réalisateur / Directeur de la photographie / Coloriste
  • promotion 2016

He has worked on many TV commercials and on the coverage of sports events such as “The Evian Championship”. At the same time, he continues to produce music videos and films for his fellow musicians. He leaves TLMALP in January 2018 to become a freelance videographer and cinemagrapher.

Today he is associated with a friend from Strasbourg, and works on music videos for famous artists such as the rapper Demi Portion. He continues to make cinemagraphs, a medium that he is passionate about and that he would like to continue to develop. Still on very good terms with his former employers, he still works with them for short periods of time.

CinéCréatis allowed me to understand notions inherent to the screenplay, and to apply them to the image or to specific concepts in advertising. This training allowed me to develop a network, which enabled me to find an internship that led me to where I am today. The curriculum also provided me with a solid knowledge of the equipment and to understand the image in its mathematical and scientific basis, which allows me to have a precise practical approach to move from the writing to the image“.