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Lisa Perousse

Since her graduation in 2016, Lisa has been working as an assistant manager. From project to project, she moves forward with one idea in mind: to live off her passion.

  • métier Assistant Régie
  • promotion 2016

A passion for the job

When Lisa left school in 2016 with her diploma, she quickly found the right fit for her.

And it is in the control room that this girl from Nantes decides to try her luck, first as a trainee on Frédéric Quiring’s film “Sales gosses”, then on the series “Plus belle la vie”. “The preparation of the shooting, the logistic organization, the dispatch of the teams and the equipment… it’s a universe that really suits me, and in which there is no such thing as routine !

“The network is undoubtedly the most precious tool!”

Over the course of her experiences, she quickly built up a quality professional network, which will open the doors to many other projects. Short films, feature films, TV series… She has been working on many different projects and has built a solid reputation.

In the world of professional cinema and art more generally, the network is undoubtedly the most valuable tool. Looking back over the years, it seems obvious!

Attached to her hometown and true to herself, Lisa works mainly in Nantes, Paris and Marseille. A choice which did not prevent her from finding her place.

I made the choice to stay and live in Nantes, but I think it’s just a detail! Motivation, working non-stop, working hard, never giving up… That’s what counts, and what really allowed me to get where I am today.

Recently, she has worked as an assistant director on the TV movie “Pourquoi je vis?” and is currently preparing the shooting of a feature film to be held in Nantes.

What’s next? “I should reach the South of France soon, for the shooting of a series“, stay tuned!

What advice would you give to the students ?

“Never give up on difficulties! And don’t be afraid to work hard and many hours. And above all that the network is the most important thing to work on in this field!”.