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Manon Pedroza

After finishing her third year at Cinécréatis in 2016, she completed several internships in different companies: in August 2016 at Panalux, a lighting equipment rental company in which she learned a lot about different types of lighting; in September and October at the Sirpa-Gendarmerie, the communication service of the gendarmerie, where she had the opportunity to make several reports; from November to mid-December 2016 at Eyelite, a lighting equipment rental company in which she improved her t...

  • métier Reporter d'images
  • promotion 2016

In the meantime, she is working on the shooting of a professional short film as 3rd assistant director.

In March 2017 she is contacted again by Sirpa to work as an occasional worker during the month of August. As the exchanges go on, they offer her to work as a contract worker.

She therefore works as a videojournalist in the National Police force, within the Social Media Department. Her daily work involves making reports related to the police force. She also assumes the role of community manager on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She writes publications and produces computer graphics to feed the pages.

She also had the opportunity to work as an electrician on the video clip “Club” by the artist Lomepal, or on the video clip “Realm of dreams” from Caesaria.

Her current and future projects :

I’m starting to update the production file I has been working on with Morgane Boussey for our graduation project in 2016: we made an awareness-raising spot against domestic violence. I would like to try to distribute it more widely.

I’m working on a screenplay with a friend (a professional dancer) for a dance clip. I have already started working with her (in improvisation).

Beside that I don’t lose sight of my goal, which is to work in cinema. Today I’m making reports, I’m experimenting, but I don’t want to give up filmmaking.