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Silène Barralon

Assistant editor, Silène is currently working for Unit Image, on a short film for Netflix. At the same time, she is preparing an application for writing assistance at the CNC for an animation series she wants to produce.

  • métier Animation Editor / Unit Image
  • promotion 2017

Animation, a revelation

In 2015, as she enters her second year of studies at CinéCréatis, Silène realizes that it is in the world of animation that she wants to work. She doesn’t give up, and guides her professional project in this direction. For her end-of-studies internship, she joined a studio in Nantes, JVEB, where she refined her skills in stop-motion and 2D animation, in order to be able to approach other studios after graduation.

This will not be necessary, since she is hired at JVEB as a stop-motion editor/animator. This first experience gives her the opportunity to develop her network. A few months later, she joined La Chouette Compagnie, a studio located in Paris and specialized in 2D series, as an assistant editor. She then took on several projects, including the series “Le Monde Selon Kev”, and gave her support on “Droners”, “Goal Force”, and “Imago”.

“You must never give up !”

Recently, she responded to an offer from Unit Image, which was looking for an assistant editor for a short film for Netflix. It’s the big project she’s been waiting for! After several weeks of waiting, she was finally chosen for the job: “In the past, I had already responded to similar offers, notably for Illumination Mac Guff on “Minions: The Rise of Gru”, and for Fortiche Prod for a series with Riot Games inspired by “League of Legend”, but in both cases the studios felt that I didn’t have enough experience. See, you must never give up!”
Overflowing with motivation and enthusiasm, Silène integrates Unit Image. With the ambition to continue her evolution, and perhaps reach her dream of working on a feature film in the Disney studios in Los Angeles.

Any advice for students?

Believe in your dreams and ambitions! If you feel deep down inside that you want to do something, that it matters to you, go in that direction without looking back, without letting negative opinions slow you down, and instead use that energy to propel you forward!” A word to the wise!