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Un brin d'existence

Directed by Klara Johansson Short documentary film made in Nantes in 2019

  • thème Documentary
  • formation 3rd year
  • année Promotion 2019


“Un brin d’existence” follows the volunteers of the association Un Brin De Causette.

150 to 200 people come to have a free breakfast every morning and chat with the volunteers. For Marie-Andrée Choblet, the president of the association, the people they receive are her second family.

Above all, they are looking for affection, recognition, and quite simply the feeling of existing.

The short documentary film was selected and screened on the occasion of the Green Documentary Day organized by Upgreen.tv in June 2020.

The film crew

Klara Johansson / Director

She conducts the interviews and leads the technical team (she also participated in the realization of the 1st year project “Pas à Pas”).

Landry Juin / Editor

He ensures the coherence of the final result and is at the origin of the project.

Nathan Guillet / Image manager

He guarantees that everything is visible even if it includes repairing the association’s lamps. He is always filming something.

Laëtitia Athimon / Sound manager

She makes sure that the volunteers’ and beneficiaries’ dialogues are audible and intelligible in the midst of all the noises in the room.

Anne-Sophie Harié / Versatile assistant

She checks that everyone is sufficiently fed and hydrated, she draws up the schedules and manages the transport of all the equipment.