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Donne-moi ta main

Directed by Julien Cochard The documentary is directed by students in their second year at CinéCréatis.

  • thème Documentary
  • formation 2nd year
  • année Promotion 2019
  • durée 4:41 min


Marthe and Raymond are a retired couple living a love story like any other. Mister plays music for Madame, they watch game shows together… They look like a perfectly normal couple. But they’ve only known each other for a few years, because their love story started when Madame joined the retirement home. It was love at first sight for Raymond. They tell us their very touching story. The end of the day is a little bit hard for each one of them, because they have to return to their respective bedroom. When they say goodbye, there is always a little word of attention.

The documentary shown on the big screen as part of the National Caregivers’ Day.

Directed by Julien Cochard