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Madame Michelle

  • thème Fiction, Short
  • formation 1st year
  • année Promotion 2020
  • durée 3:06 min


On her way back from grocery shopping, Michelle, a friendly grandmother, sees a stray cat.

Out of kindness, she decides to welcome the animal into her home. Once in her kitchen, she takes in her shopping bag her vegetables and potatoes and takes a plate with her. From her handbag, the grandmother takes out a beautiful roast freshly bought from the butcher and puts it in the oven under the cat’s watchful eye. Michelle is then distracted by her neighbor Bernard who says hello through the window.

The old lady nods back and insults him behind his back. Annoyed, she closes the oven and turns it on.

As she cuts a leek, she notices that the cat has disappeared. The grandmother starts looking for it before she realizes that the roast is burning. When she opens the oven, she discovers with horror that the roast is hairy.

Directed by Aloÿs Prunet