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Point Final

  • thème Fiction, Short
  • formation 1st year
  • année Promotion 2020
  • durée 3:39 min


A woman is trapped by her attacker in a dark alley. As he is about to kill her, Fernand steps in. We understand that he is the author of the book in which this scene takes place, that we are in his head and that he is coming to modify it.

While he rewrites the ending, his two characters visit him and confess that he is a poor writer.

They grab his computer and change the story in their own way, until he takes it back, gets angry, and changes the story again.

While reading this version, the characters revolt against him, suddenly, the boom operator gets caught in an extension cord, dragging a projector down with him.

This clumsiness results in Fernand leaving the set, leaving the technical team to put the set back in place.

Directed by Eliot Salou