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In the way of… Dark

Directed by Elisa Ruty Exercise from Nantes school CineCréatis, a film directed by Elisa Ruty in second year, based on the German series Dark distributed by Netflix and directed by Baran Bo Odar in 2017.

  • thème Fiction, In the way of
  • formation 2nd year
  • année Promotion 2020
  • durée 3:54 min

The extract that we chose to remake takes place in episode 6 of season 2 (beware of the spoil for those who did not start the series!), between Jonas (played by Louis Hofmann) and his father (played by Sebastian Rudolph).

Dark is science fiction series, and at the same time a story about human depth and fatality.

Synopsis Series

After the disappearance of several children in a city, the inhabitants try to understand what is going on. Jonas, a teenager whose father committed suicide a few months earlier, discovers links between past, present and future.

Synopsis Episode

To avoid the apocalypse that will occur in a few days, Jonas travels back to 2019, on the day his father committed suicide. He follows in his father’s footsteps from the past and tells him about what is happening: he comes from the future to prevent him from killing himself…