First year: the basics of the audiovisual training programme

The first year of the Audiovisual Director-Creator program offered by CinéCréatis aims to provide students with the first basics in audiovisual production. Also, during this year, they will be constantly evolving in a technical and artistic environment, which places practice and theory at its heart, as well as the discovery of the world of cinema, its technologies and its functioning. This is the first year in the 3-year film training program offered at CinéCréatis, which leads to a level II RNCP title (Bac +3).


1st year
Focusing on general, technical and professional education, CinéCréatis immerses students in the film industry from their first year!

2nd year
Placing technique and professional practice at the heart of its training, CinéCréatis intends the second year as a complete immersion in the world of cinema.

3rd year
The third year is a true lever for students to deepen their knowledge of advanced technologies and to validate their professional project. It is an open door to all areas in the film industry. It is the last step before the acquisition of the “Audiovisual Director-Creator” RNCP title (level II).

Training program

Focused on practice, this year of teaching enhanced by general teachings on history of cinema and semiology of the image, is a multifaceted year of discovery and exploration of the cinematic universe!

During this first year, the students will be quickly immersed in the environment of the professions in the film industry: scriptwriting, directing, shooting, sound recording, editing, shooting organization… They will approach many issues related to the various stages of the creation of an audiovisual work: the intertwining of the different professions, the understanding of the problems inherent to each of them, and the multiple facets of the film industry professions will provide students with a precise and complete vision of their future professional environment. In this way, they will be able to position themselves within a global project, while taking into account pre-production, production and post-production requirements.

The mastering of professional cameras, lights, machinery, and editing software as well, is also part of this first stage of learning: as the weeks go by, the purpose is to allow the student to feel increasingly at ease, to the point of complete mastery of each professional piece of equipment.

At the end of the year, in small groups, the students work on the production of a short film. This creation allows them to apply the various skills acquired during this year of study, taking part in the production, scriptwriting, filming and editing. Emphasis is also placed on teamwork, a prerequisite for the success of the project.

Educational purpose

Throughout this first year, the students are supported by teaching teams who will play the role of trainer, advisor and judge in order to guide them in their choices and help them to outperform themselves.

In addition, the school regularly organises conferences and masterclasses, which allow students to get to know the reality of the professional film market. The lecturers taking part to these events, come to share their expertise and professional experience, and provide a great opportunity to discover very different film careers and environments.

At the end of this first year of study, the students will have acquired a clear experience of the different professions in the film industry. They will begin to feel truly at ease with the professional equipment provided by the school, and to build up their own artistic practices. They will be able to rely on a good film culture and a constructive critical approach, which will open the doors to an even deeper knowledge in the second year, where they will have to choose a specialisation (Image, Production or Post-production).

In practice

The 1st year of the Audiovisual Director-Creator programme is available to students holding the Baccalauréat (all streams). In order to be eligible, candidates must present their academic file and undergo a motivational interview, two elements which will be decisive in the acceptance or rejection of their application.

The year is organised around 30 hours of class per week. It covers the beginnings of the audiovisual training, and allows students to discover some of the jobs they will be able to aspire to at the end of their three-year course: production assistant, assistant director, scriptwriter, sound operator, electrician, editor, etc.

Teaching subjects

During the first year of study at CinéCréatis, the courses are divided into 3 areas: general knowledge, technical & professional courses and tutorials.


This area aims to provide the student with the necessary knowledge to evolve in the world of cinema, both in terms of general culture, film culture, critical thinking and analytical study.

  • History of cinema
  • Image semiology
  • Scenario
  • English


Students in the first year of the Audiovisual Director-Creator course will become familiar, during this first stage of learning, with multiple aspects related to the creation of an audiovisual work. Discovery of the professional equipment (cameras and filming equipment, lighting equipment, sound equipment, etc.), staging, framing, but also the various software (editing, sound, etc.) used in a film production, a short film, a documentary or an advertisement. And this is the aim of the technical and professional training.

  • Directing
  • Production assistance
  • Image & sound technologies
  • Shooting and sound recording studios
  • Editing and computer graphics studios


The school of cinema CinéCréatis places practice at the heart of its philosophy. In fact, in addition to allowing a better integration of technical, theoretical and artistic teaching, practice remains the most accomplished expression of the student’s various acquisitions, and the fruit of his / her evolution. This is why the tutorials represent an important part of this year of study, organized in several projects and formats.

  • Sound and photographic illustrations
  • Video productions