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  • thème School News
  • date 28.12.2020

Students took part in their first “Diaporama” (slideshow) workshop aiming to tell a story through 9 frames in 1 minute.

The Montpellier 1st year students took part in their first “Diaporama” workshop, one of the three main projects for their school year.

Chosen amongst topics and intents submitted by the students, the selected projects were carried out by a team of 5 to 6 students (roles: director, editor/multipurpose assistant/script supervisor, cinematographer, Production Sound mixer, Boom operator).


Define visual and sound intents

The heart of this exercise is to tell a story, a narrative (beginning-middle-end) in 1 minute and the key learnings are to structure and define visual and sound intents. Each group put together a production file under the supervision of their tutor.

The shoot happened over one day either in the campus entrance hall or nearby surroundings classrooms included, taking in account the health and safety rules in place due to COVID 19.

Each group had the following equipment at their disposal: 1 hybrid GH5 Panasonic Camera, a tripod, a lighting kit, a sound case with a Sennheiser MKE600 mike and a SoundDevice MixPRE3 recording device.


The planning for the “diaporama” workshop spread over eight weeks as follows: projects selection (pitch and synopsis + team composition); synopsis, break down including soundtrack and timing; final validation on the projects design + production file; shoot, editing and pre-mix; panel evaluation and in fine re-cut and final sound mixing.

See some of the “diaporamas”