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Experience on set: Elisa Ruty

  • thème School News
  • date 22.06.2020

Just like Ugo Estublier, Elisa Ruty, 2nd year cinema student in CinéCréatis Nantes, agreed to share her on set shoot experience for her “In the manner of… Dark”

“In the way of…” is a classic exercise for every 2nd year student where they can apply their theoretical learnings from seminars to the realisation of a clip sticking as closely as possible to a reference film or tv series.

Today, Elisa Ruty 2nd year student in cinema and audio-visual at CinéCréatis Nantes agreed to share her experience of the making of her “In the manner of… Dark.”

Elisa Ruty : director

For this “In the way of…” we recreated a clip from the series “Dark” directed by Baran bo Odar and distributed by Netflix (watch out for season 3 next week!).

An intense shoot…

Dark Netflix Baran Bo Odar Cinecreatis 6

At first, it seems easy enough but there are many challenges actually: Find look-alike actors capable of holding their own in complex acting over a day-long shoot, specific set design even if it is more or less out of focus in the clip (we painted the wainscoting ourselves over the February break and built our own prop for the mansard wall), recreate the orchestral music as it was unavailable over the internet, create a natural light effect in a studio…

Let’s just say it was pretty intense for a first shoot experience!

Dark Netflix Baran Bo Odar Cinecreatis 9

But it was also extremely professional: for the first time there were about 15 of us on set, but everyone kept silent to let our actors (Léo Moussu as Jonas Kahnwald and Stéphane Beauvais as Michael Kahnwald) concentrate.

We all trusted each other’s ability to undertake their role, it made the actors at ease for their first time on set, and that’s why I want to thank everybody:

  • Those who worked on the preparation and research for the costumes and actors,
  • Those who analysed the clip left right and centre to guess the closely intertwined camera angles
  • The patient ones who worked on set along me
  • Those who made our breaks nice and relaxing
  • And all those who worked on the credits!

Dark is science-fiction but also a deeply human story talking about fate. This clip we chose take place in season 2 episode 6 (spoiler alert) between Jonas and his dad.