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Student profile : Klara Johansson

  • thème School News
  • date 17.07.2020

Klara Johansson is a 3rd year student in Cinema and Audio-visual in Nantes: Focus on the director of the documentary “Un brin d’existence”.

Hello Klara : can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Klara Johansson, I was born in Brussels of a Swedish father and a French mother.

I grew up in Bamako, Mali along my little brother and that is where my original values and oldest memories come from.

Upon my return to Belgium, I studied at the European School of Brussels VI to obtain a European baccalaureat then I moved to France for the first time ever to study cinema.

Today, I live in Nantes where I am in the 3rd year of my course at CinéCréatis Nantes. I had the opportunity to direct a documentary called “Un brin d’existence” on the volunteer association Un Brin de Causette which serves free breakfast to deprived people.

After this project ended, I wanted to carry on my social activism with the non-profit ONE as their young ambassador.

I was unsure of which speciality to pick when I came to this school so CinéCréatis was a chance to test a lot of things: I was camerawoman, editor or director on various projects (including Un brin d’existence and Pas à pas).

What is your advice to new students ?

My advice to new students would be to join with an open mind to every elective, even if they know what they want to do, because it is important to understand everyone’s role and it is always helpful.

What are your ongoing projects ?

I am currently interning on the post-production of the show Objectif Top-Chef, where I am learning the editing software Avid Media Composer with a much more significant workflow than the ones you experience at school.

It is extremely rewarding, and I would like to work next as an assistant editor on a feature length fiction film or documentary.

I also plan to make the final project film Alizée which was cancelled because of Covid in the following year. To be continued…