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Alexis Roche

Since January 2018, he is in charge of production at Golden Network, in charge of “Le LAB”, realizes interviews, sketches and organizes the equipment management.

  • métier Chargé de Production
  • promotion 2015

Alexis Roche :
production manager

After working for Le Petit Journal (2015), as well as on a weekly program on France 2 (2015), he joined the W9 teams as a stage manager (2017).

On this occasion, he worked on Thomas VDB and Mathieu Madénian’s sketches. In 2018, he joins Golden Network, as a production manager, and works on a dozen sketches for the LAB, as well as on several TV shows (Les 100 vidéos, Téva Comedy Show, L’hebdo de la musique…).

His upcoming projects

Writing sketches for LAB and Minutebuzz (program concepts, dramas and interviews) and directing, “as much as possible”.

What he thinks of the training offered at CinéCréatis…

It provides theoretical knowledge, the chance to do internships, to practice in semi-professional conditions while being well supervised, but above all, it is the first professional network necessary to break into the field.

His advice to future graduates

“You have to believe in yourself, in your projects, never say no to volunteering on shootings, accept criticism, know how to question yourself, respect other people’s opinions and work, don’t be too critical with a fellow colleague: one day, he or she may have to give you a job or vice versa.

In my opinion, no talent should be neglected! The real school of cinema is in the field, but the class will be the first family of cinema around us. School is an opportunity to share, to live and learn a passion.

Even on the worst day, there will always be a positive experience!”