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Dernier Contact

  • thème Fiction
  • formation 4th year
  • année Promotion 2016
  • durée 12:48 min


Passing the final test to become Supreme Judge, 26D-500, a faithful link in a sanitized futuristic society, will experience upheavals and discover his humanity.

How did you come up with the idea for this film?

Sophie Da Costa : Being a big science-fiction fan myself, the idea of dealing with a SF subject was quite natural. I submitted the idea to the educational teams at CinéCréatis, who I must say chose it to my great surprise!
The film echoes classics of the genre, notably Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and Evgeni Zamiatine’s We, which inspired me to ask the question raised in our short film on the human condition.*
Jonathan Marc-Le Ster : I joined this project, which I found very ambitious! I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of collaborating with Sophie, especially because of her rather strong personality. For 2 years, we did everything we could to make this project come to life.

How did the shooting of Dernier Contact go?

Jonathan Marc-Le Ster : The shooting was a great experience, both intense and friendly. During 1 week, we shot on the city of Nantes and its surroundings. It allowed us to pursue our intentions, to learn to improvise, to always relate to the story, and to succeed in creating the necessary bridge between direction and sensitivity.
Sophie Da Costa : Our complementarity was a crucial element, which facilitated each of the stages of this short film. We were able to exchange, to lean on each other, in order to get through the difficulties without problems*.

What have you learned from your 3 years at CinéCréatis?

Jonathan Marc-Le Ster : These 3 years have been very instructive, and allowed me to meet my peers. The making of this short film, and the different artistic and technical choices we had to make, made me realize that we must not only trust our own intentions, but also be open to the advice of others. This allows you to improve, to take a step back, and to better defend your project afterwards.

(information partially taken from the press kit Dernier Contact)