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Terre Ferme

  • thème Fiction
  • formation 4th year
  • année Promotion 2019
  • durée 17:52 min


Emile is a young boy living on a farm with his mother and Gerard, his father. The child runs himself ragged because his father has plans for him: that he will take over the farm when the time comes, whether he wants to or not.

While repairing a fence at the edge of the field, Emile sees a plane fly overhead and crash into the nearby field. Jacques, the pilot of the plane, barely escapes.

While his parents look after the injured pilot, the young boy takes the opportunity to look at the photos the man has in his handbag. Emile, amazed, is determined to leave with Jacques. But his father has already outlined his destiny for him on the farm. Emile hopes only one thing: to convince the pilot to take him with him!


Noé Chéron in the role of Emile

Ivän James Hayward

Originally from Finistère, Ivän has been passionate about cinema since childhood. His first short film (Frog & Rosbeef) won the Vannes city’s “Coup de Coeur” prize at the Festival de la première marche in 2013.
After joining an audiovisual department in high school, he joined CinéCréatis in 2016. From his first year, Ivän was attracted by film directing. He pays particular attention to the composition and texture of his shots. He decided to specialize in Image, to deepen his knowledge.


Terre Ferme’s Director

Directed by Ivän James Hayward