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Camera and light operator

Camera and light operator

As part of the Image team, the chief operator ( camera and lights) is responsible for the framing, the camera movements, the technical and aesthetic quality of the image and its recording.

Perfectly mastering the use of simple or complex lighting, the camera and light operator is above all a thorough technician who corrects the existing lighting conditions inside and outside, day and night.

His responsibilities vary from taking charge of framing to teamwork, and depend on the director of photography, with whom he works in close collaboration.

Ensuring the good quality and format of the recorded images, the camera and light operator is responsible for maintaining the chosen frame, ensuring the composition of the shots and defining the possible parameters according to the director’s expectations. From movements to shooting angles, including the actors’ movements, he or she controls the camera with dexterity to respect the frame and the director’s instructions.

Becoming a camera and light operator requires humility, self-confidence and autonomy to ensure the smooth running of the filming.


Le métier d'opérateur cadre et lumière

In short

The chief operator (camera and lights) is a valuable collaborator who assumes a very accurate and versatile position. As the director’s eyes, with whom he or she determines the movements and shooting angles, he or she is responsible for the clarity of the image and the mobility of the camera.