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Production Assistant

Assuming a key role during the shooting

The production assistant is the producer’s arms and legs, and must therefore be able to handle logistics as well as human resources!

The production assistant prepares and monitors schedules, takes care of the equipment rental or purchase, and also takes part in the post-production process (booking editing studios for example).

This is why negotiating and strong communication skills are highly required to become a production assistant! For a film, a TV show or a commercial, he or she stands out thanks to his or her skilfulness.


Devenir assistant de production

A production assistant’s job is very varied and requires a high degree of concentration: from logistics to human resources and financial management of the project, the production assistant is in charge of many duties, including assisting the producer in all his activities.

Clearly, adaptability, reactivity, rigor, organization and interpersonal skills are essential and mandatory qualities to become a production assistant!