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Editor & FX Artist

Cornerstone in the design and post-production process.

The editor and FX artist processes the images according to the director’s recommendations.

Involved in all types of audiovisual productions, the editor and FX artist works in the world of entertainment, cinema, animation, video games and advertising. Designing the elements necessary for special effects, he brings an essential expertise to animate special effects sequences (stunts, explosions, sound environment).

A key player in post-production

The FX Supervisor enters the scene during the production phase of a project, and actively participates in post-production to retouch and transform scenes.

The profession is rapidly evolving and requires constant monitoring of advances in computer technology and editing techniques. Imaginative and creative, the SFX Supervisor must have a perfect mastery of the computer tool and the various software required to process image and sound.

To become an editor and FX artist, it is therefore essential to follow an appropriate training course in a film school, and to arm yourself with discipline!


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In short

In charge of special effects, the editor & FX artist assembles the shots and creates the graphic elements to bring the film to life. From correcting video sequences to sound editing and mastering creation software, he or she is involved in many areas of post-production.