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Web program designer

Role and Missions

This Web professional analyzes the needs of his customers, proposes them an expertise and establishes a schedule of conditions.

Once the project has been accepted by the client, the web program designer becomes the project manager and must therefore coordinate the work of the various parties involved (graphic designer, developer).

Creative, he brings an added value while remaining faithful to the request of his customers.

He knows how to listen to his client and make the necessary changes at each stage of the project’s construction.

Diplomas and training

To become a web program designer, you should preferably start with a computer science degree, a BTS before turning to schools that offer professional courses. You must then choose your options according to your desires and objectives. For a specialization in the audiovisual field, the Audiovisual and Cinematographic Production Designer course offered by CinéCréatis is ideal.

Skills and qualities required

Essential, you must be a professional in the world of the Web and master the computer tool to perfection. Software has no secrets for him and spending hours screwed on his computer poses no problem.

Listening to his customers he must be able to be available and responsive if changes are required. With a good imagination, he must find solutions adapted to all their needs.

He has good interpersonal and communication skills that allow him to dialogue and maintain good relations with his clients throughout the project.

Curious and always on the cutting edge, he/she keeps abreast of developments in his/her field and does not hesitate to take more training courses if necessary.

Finally, good management skills are essential in order to work as a team with the people he or she will need for the project.

Careers and professional opportunities

There is no secret, what is most important in the profession of web program designer is experience. The more experience he or she has, and the larger the projects, the more his or her work will be recognized and the more he or she will be solicited.

If the professional insertion in the job is good, in freelance or in company, with an always increasing demand, he can by dint of years of work end up supervising projects from A to Z without external help, create specific products or work as a program designer for very big boxes.

Finally, he can become a senior developer, lead developer or web project manager, which will allow him to obtain a higher salary.

Salary expectations

The salary of a web program designer varies according to his experience and the projects he is asked to work on. At the beginning of his career he earns between 2000 and 2500 euros gross per month before seeing this figure increase according to the projects realized and the satisfaction of the customers.

source salary : cidj.com