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Stepping in after the shooting, the editor gives a whole new perspective on the writing of the film, with a view to giving meaning and aesthetics to the audiovisual production.

It is thanks to his artistic sense and rhythm that the editor selects the images shot for a production. Spending whole days watching many hours of filming, he collects all the dailies raw footage which he assembles and edits into basic units.

Talent and attention to detail

Gifted with skills in assembly techniques and digital format production standards, the editor must be able to work each shot in detail without losing the thread of the film or documentary.

Editing is a fine combination of technical mastery and creativity, and is a delicate step which results primarily from the editor’s skill. From setting up any possible effects to synchronizing the soundtrack and dialogue, the editor provides support to the director’s work by interpreting his or her wishes.

Becoming an editor means playing an important role in the creative process of a film or documentary.


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A key role

Giving life to the film, selecting the shots, matching the sounds to the images: the editor is a careful and diplomatic person with a strong artistic sense. As the director’s main collaborator in the post-shooting phase, he or she actively participates in the consistency of an audiovisual production!