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Stage manager

Stage manager

Responsible for executing the director’s orders, the stage manager is responsible for equipment, set and logistics.

The stage manager is a key element in the daily organization of a film shooting. As an assistant to the production manager, he or she is in charge of handling equipment, helping to identify shooting locations, looking for sets and obtaining filming permits.

A true leader in logistics

Its role is to prepare the film and to ensure that all the necessary equipment is in place at the right time. He is also responsible for the planning (transport, accommodation, catering…), and oversees the actors’ and technicians’ schedules.

As a faithful and versatile collaborator, the stage manager has a great sense of practicality, and manages a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis. The great variety of the job implies a keen sense of organization, a good knowledge of the film industry, as well as technical skills and an unfailing rigor!


A practical person

The stage manager is involved from the very beginning of the preparation of the film, ensuring the identification of the sets and locations. Responsible for the equipment organization and logistics, he is a very practical person and must find technical solutions.