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  • thème School News
  • date 13.05.2020

The Ciné2 and Ciné3 students in the Image class took part in a two-days workshop on the professions of Steadicam Operator and Camera Assistant in Cinema.

A two-part workshop

The workshop was led by Fanny Coustenoble (Steadicam Operator), Lilla Smoluch (1st Camera Assistant) and Hannah Papacek Harper (2nd Camera Assistant) who guided the students during their discovery of the equipment at their disposal. It was also a precious chance to share over experiences and knowledge gained through their professional career.

As an introduction, watch this summary of the workshop produced by the students.


The first part of the workshop led by Fanny Coustenoble was dedicated to operating a Steadicam. Students in small groups learned to balance a Steadicam, how to carry it and to this purpose enjoyed the school’s recent acquisitions: a brand new Amira camera in complement to the Zéphir Steadicam. They put their learning to practice in a series of exercises where the students could apply the teachings and advice from Fanny Coustenoble.

– Steadicam operator Fanny Coustenoble is a graduate from the Louis Lumière School. After a career as a Camera Assistant, she trained as a Steadicam Operator. She was assistant to Larry McConckey and is a member of the French association The Steadimakers.

Workshop dedicated to first and second Camera Assistant roles

The workshop continued with a session dedicated to the roles of first and second Camera Assistants, led by Lilla Smoluch and Hannah Papacek Harper.

The students discussed at length these jobs intended for them after graduation. They were able to discover the methodology, the tools and the fastidiousness required for this job. Like for their camera tests, the students set up a set unit and practiced the principal tests for this stage of production.

Lilla Smoluch is 1st Camera Assistant and a member of AOA (Associated Operators Association)

Hannah Papacek Harper is 2nd Camera Assistant

Second day

This final day took place in our lecture theatre. It was a chance to see clips from films shot in Steadicam presented by Fanny Coustenoble followed by exchanges with the speakers where they could present their career and their productions. A time for constructive exchanges and rich in teachings for our students.